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mercoledì 1 settembre 2010

No man’s land


Ricordi, scatti, atmosfere e paesaggi di una terra lontana.. La Turchia, il suo spirito esotico e selvaggio, dalla Cappadocia fino a Pammukale, seguendo le vecchie strade romane.
Un viaggio tra popoli antichi, che mantengono vive usanze ancestrali, rispettano i ritmi della natura e offrono sempre un bicchiere di tè.  Alla scoperta di un modo di vita diverso,  più umile e dimesso, ma forse più saggio, come silenziato dalle enormi distese di terre incolte e semi desertiche.
Poche tracce umane, ancor meno turistiche, rocce imponenti e rosate, caverne nascoste e guglie che toccano il cielo..

Memories, shots, atmospheres and landscapes of a far away land.. Turkey, with its wild and exotic spirit, from cappadocia to Pammukale, following the old Roman roads.
A journey among ancient peoples, who keep  ancestral customs alive, repect natural rythms and always offer a cup of mint tea.. Discovering a different life style, more humble and simple, but maybe wiser too, as if it has been silenced by the huge and endless desertic lands.
Few human traces, overshadowing and pinky rocks, hidden caves and spires wich touch the sky..

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  1. These pictures are gorgeous! My fav? The picture with the hot air balloons, did you actually see that? I want to be there <3
    xo Lynzy

  2. love ur blog!! following you!! follow me back!

    ASH! Xoxo

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  3. You had an amazing time, don't you?

  4. Bellissime *_* tra l'altro che fisicaccio =)

  5. Oh wow these are amazing pictures the location is stunning xoxo

  6. i love your scarves!!


  7. these photos are just stunning, not only are the sceneries breathtaking but you look fabulous in every photo. love the shorts, they looks so comfortable. i just love your blog, i only just found it, definitely your new follower :)


  8. I need to tell you something.. I LOVE your hair cut

  9. thank you guys for all your support and compliments.. We need them =)

  10. Never been to turkey but it looks great!!
    All the pictures are wonderfull but my favourite one is the one with all the rising air balloons, it's almost like a posting card.


  11. I love it :)))


  12. wauw, beautiful pictures! and i love your blog!
    visit also my blog & follow me if you like it!
    x www.denise-styleandlife.blogspot.com

  13. woow! amazing! I can't say anything, these pics are so beautiful and you look super as well!! you have great legs!! have a nice day :)

  14. These shots are gorgeous. I'd love to go hot air ballooning some day soon :)


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